Your audience will Laugh, Learn and Be Inspired!
Chris uses his personal story of overcoming Mutiple Sclerosis, relearning how to walk, and relearning to use the activity of his limbs to provide real life success strategies
Chris has delivered more than 1,000  presentations for events worldwide, and has hosted and interviewed celebrities. Chris has 20+ years experience in speaking and coaching
Using his knowledge and skills of over 20+ years along with his uniques story he captivates audiences to get motivated
Chris uses his unique perspective as an artist, entrepenuer, celebrity host ,and being Mulitple Sclerosis surivor to create life strategies.
Clients who book Chris Black benefit from an entertaining, empowering, and educational experience. Chris has the unique ability to inspire and energize audiences of all types. 
After hearing Chris speak, audiences members will walk away energized and with practical action steps they can apply immediately.
Chris uses in-depth preparation, beginning with his unique assessment process, learns the key objectives to form the message framework for your unique audience needs.
Chris Makes the experience ALL ABOUT YOU.  Chris will minimize requests and do everything he can to make your life easier, and your meeting more successful.  He wants you to look good and sleep well knowing that your event is in good hands.
More than a motivational speaker, Chris has lived and worked through a series of life and professional experiences that lend him tremendous credibility. He’s overcame Multiple Scelrosis, built businesses, traveled the world and managed employees.
Speaking subjects:

- How to have a lasting change.
- Overcoming unhealthy thinking habits.
- Achieve a winning mindset.
- Unlock the greatness within.
- Challenge and triumph.
- Live a successful life on purpose.
- Explain the WHY.
- I can and I will.
- I was meant to…